Scotty Boone

Scotty and his wife Misty have three children—Sydney (’14), Spencer (’16), and Sutton (grade 7). Scotty was born in Union City, TN, and is a member at White Station Church of Christ.

Scotty is the head of portfolio administration at Southeastern Asset Management. His favorite thing about his job is helping people and the city of Memphis at the same time

Scotty’s favorite subject in high school was computer applications. It was the early 90’s, and he thought computers were like rocket ships. He loved studying Christian evidences in college because he likes knowing “why.”

Scotty’s favorite thing to do in Memphis is go to dinner downtown followed by an event at the Forum (from Mary J. Blige to the Grizzlies to James Taylor to WWE).

Scotty’s favorite thing about Harding Academy is the missional, sacrificial approach taken by faculty, staff, and administration. In his words, “it’s a place where young people are learning how to navigate a world that isn’t perfect while being reminded on a daily basis of the One who is perfect.” His deep hope for the school is that it becomes a shining light for the city of Memphis that teaches all of us how to live and work together peacefully for goals that are bigger than all of us.