Partnering with Families

At Harding Academy, we recognize the value in a long-term partnership with families in the education of their children. As a result, we are pleased to offer continuous enrollment. From the time of admission, your child will be enrolled at Harding through their 12th grade graduation or until enrollment is otherwise ended by the parent or the school. This makes the enrollment process easier and more efficient for our families.

Information Carryover

Each student’s information (i.e. address, phone, email, emergency contacts, and medical information) is continuous from grade to grade in FACTS SIS/Family Portal. We will maintain the database by reminding parents to send updates to the admissions office.

Tuition and Fees

In January, Harding Academy’s tuition information will be announced here. Your FACTS Financial agreement payment plan will roll over each year. If you would like to change your payment option, contact the business office at 901-683-2440.

Payment Schedule Options
Monthly payments: Payments are made once a month for twelve months (June–May).
Semester payments: Half of yearly tuition is due in June, and the remaining half is due in November.
Two payments: Payments are due in June and July.
Annual payment: Payment is due in June.

Withdrawal Policies

Little Harding: Little Harding students are obligated on a month-to-month basis. We ask that you complete the withdrawal form here two weeks in advance of your desired withdrawal date.

K–12: To withdraw your child for the following school year, you must complete the form here prior to the deadline of February 14th to avoid the financial obligation. If you withdraw your child after the opt-out deadline, you will be responsible for the amount specified in the contract. In the event of withdrawal for any reason, all accounts must be current before report cards, transcripts, test results, and other official records are released.

Continuous Enrollment FAQs

  • Why does enrollment matter?

    The Harding Academy administration engages in significant planning and hiring to ensure that we are prepared to fulfill our mission every year. Without a predictable account of enrollment and re-enrollment, it is difficult to make firm plans for staffing, programs, materials, curriculum, and facility usage. We take the stewardship of tuition dollars entrusted to us every year very seriously, and enrollment is an influential variable which must be considered.

  • I have no plans to change schools for my child. Can I just keep them at Harding until I notify the school otherwise?

    Yes! With continuous enrollment, your student remains enrolled until they graduate or until enrollment is ended by you or the school.

  • How do I opt out?

    Families will receive an email each January reminding them that if they are leaving Harding Academy for any reason, they must notify the admissions office by February 14 to release them from their continuous enrollment agreement.

  • Does continuous enrollment apply to Little Harding?

    Yes, it applies to all students, including those at Little Harding.

Admissions Team

Admissions Team Deep Hope: we will be gracious, engaging, and caring—expressing the love of Christ as we seek to serve existing and prospective families alike.

Anne Nowlin
Enrollment and Advancement Director
(901) 767-4494

Amy Turman

Amy Turman
Enrollment and Advancement Coordinator
(901) 767-4494

Rafa Rodriguez

Rafa Rodriguez
Hispanic Enrollment Support
(901) 767-4494

Kellee Bowman
Administrative Assistant
(901) 767-4494