Lions for Life

We love our alumni! A phrase you’ll hear often around here is “Lions for life.” That’s because once you become a Harding Lion, you are part of a community that lasts beyond graduation. Your continued participation through time, talent, and resources helps keep Harding Academy strong.

There are so many opportunities to reconnect at Harding Academy. Join us for events, speak in chapel or to a class, come back for reunions, or financially support programs to benefit current students.

  • Black Alumni Association

    The Black Alumni Board and Black Alumni Mentorship program is designed to assist students of color at Harding Academy. The goal of the mentorship program is to provide students an additional line of support as they prepare to pursue their careers. Additionally, the program encourages mentorship relationships, stimulates helpful dialogue, and assists with academic and employment opportunities.


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    Want to see more programming to connect alumni and students? Donate here (choose Scholarships/Alumni Mentorship Program from the drop-down menus).


    Alexis Franklin (‘14), Co-President and Co-Founder
    Maya Hill (‘14), Co-President and Co-Founder
    Laura Newberry (‘14), Secretary
    Remesh Adams (‘13), Communications Chair
    Amber Johnson (‘11), Public Relations & Social Media Chair
    Janaye Green (‘14), Event Coordinator Co-Chair
    Jadelyn Green (‘17), Event Coordinator Co-Chair
    Princess Bauldwin (‘09), Fundraising Co-Chair
    Victoria Faulkner (‘11), Fundraising Co-Chair

  • Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

    2023: Matt Rhodes (’05)
    2022: Dr. Ron Chacko (’99)
    2021: Nadia Comaneci Winston (’05)
    2019: Stan Hendrix (’78)
    2018: Sheryl Straw Ragland (’80)
    2017: Katina Herren Gaines (’84)
    2016: Larry Sisson (’85)
    2015: Dale (’84) & Kim (’86) Sharp
    2014: Paul (’81) & Angie (’82) Shanklin
    2013: Alan Pritchard (’60)
    2012: Todd Cottrell (’87)
    2011: Paul Hayes (’77)
    2010: Alan Moltz (’68)
    2009: David Escue (’84)

  • Gatherings & Reunions


    Class of 1974: April 19 & 20. Details to come – contact Dennis Irwin.

2022–2023 Class Composite & Student Honors

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