Honoring Exceptional Athletes

We have a rich history of athletics at Harding Academy. We believe preparing, practicing, and competing can build confidence, develop character, and grow healthy relationships. Our Lions have won championships, broken records, and even gone on to play professional sports. Most importantly, they have competed with integrity and heart.

Our Athletics Hall of Fame honors the most exceptional athletes in our school’s history. These are athletes of immense talent, skill, and dedication.


We are accepting nominations on a rolling basis for consideration in the Harding Academy Athletics Hall of Fame.

Read the guidelines and submit your nominee below. Nominees can be alumni, teams, coaches or contributors who have been involved with Harding Academy Athletics. Each nominee must meet the following criteria and eligibility requirements:

  • The nominee’s contribution to Harding Academy can be clearly defined.
  • The nominee is an upstanding member of their community.
  • A former student-athlete or team is eligible 10 years after their Harding Academy graduation.
  • A coach is eligible two years after he/she retires or leaves Harding Academy.
  • A contributor is any individual who does not fit into one of the previously mentioned categories but has made outstanding contributions to Harding Academy athletics.

Click here to read the full Athletic Hall of Fame Guidelines and Procedures.

  • 2023 Inductees


    Alex Black ’10
    Andrew Bowie ’94
    Ki’ana Christy ’12
    Randy Crider ‘62
    David Escue ‘84
    Tim Isbell ‘78
    Kaylah Keys ’13
    Charles Stanford ‘82
    Robby Ware ‘87

    1971–1972  Girls Basketball Team

    Cindy Smith Cole ‘74
    Debbie Martin Duncan ‘74
    Teresa Dacus Epps ‘74
    June Powell Emerson ’74
    Cindy Williford Fowler ‘74
    Gay McKinney Fry ‘73
    Georgia Adams German ‘74
    Adrienne Chambers Howe ‘73
    Terry Isbell ‘72
    Janice Betts Musick ‘74
    Becky Maynard Muska ‘74
    Debbie Adams Perkins ‘74
    Jeanna Slatton ‘74
    Dixie Smith ‘73
    Sherri Bowie Spain ‘73
    Karen Gray Watson ‘73
    Sherrie Newman Williams ‘73
    Andrea Whitten Williford ‘74
    Coach Nancy Scott Shelley

    1977–1978 Boys Cross Country Team

    Jay Bankhead ‘82
    James Beard ‘80
    Terrance Davis ‘79
    Phil Godwin ’79
    Steve Guymon ‘80
    Jeff Hazelip ‘78
    Walter Heald ’79
    David Hightower ‘79
    Derek Huffman ‘79
    Tim Isbell ‘78
    Don Kirby ‘79
    John Lipsey ‘79
    Richie Lynn ‘81
    Jere Matthews ‘80
    Bruce Myers ‘80
    Mike Michie ‘80
    Zack Randolph ’81
    Mark Rosser ‘80
    John Slocum ‘78
    Glenn Sutton ‘80
    Tim Thompson ‘82
    Bryan Woods ‘80
    Coach Ronn Rubio
    Coach Steve Brown


    Jerry Escue
    Becky Starks


    Ronny Copeland
    Bill Srygley

  • 2022 Inductees


    Bill Briggs ‘73
    Juana Dremice Brown ‘97
    Marlon Brown ‘09
    Tasha King-Davis ‘94
    Michal Edwards ‘98
    Stephen Carl Flatt ‘74
    Jon Goad ‘87
    Mark Goode ‘75
    Angela Johnson Graves ‘91
    Darnell Johnson ‘94
    Steve Jones ‘68
    Ronn Rubio ‘65
    Susan Bishop Schumaker ‘93
    Hubie Smith ‘79
    Kevin Starks ‘93
    Brad Watson ‘75
    Bryan Woods ‘80

    1992 Volleyball Team

    Carrie Lucius Bennett ‘94
    Tarol Page Clements ‘93
    Andrea Gilliand Marbry ‘93
    Tricia Medley ‘94
    Laura Rubio Phillips ‘94
    Lisa Pritchard ‘94
    Rebecca Riley ‘93
    Kristy Riggs Rowe ‘94
    Brandy Pullen Seale ‘95
    Susan Bishop Shumaker ‘93
    Sheri Johnson Smith ‘95
    Sharon Stewart ‘93
    Tasha Turnipseed ‘94
    Cinda Wachsmuth ‘94
    Chris Mitchell Westerholt ‘93
    Coach: Todd Humphry


    Harold Bodiford ‘70
    Dee Bonner
    Debbie Moltz
    Alan Pritchard ‘60
    Ronn Rubio ‘65
    Kevin Starks ‘93


    Harold Bowie
    Paul Goddard

Athletics Hall of Fame Committee

Trent Williamson, Head of School
Seth King, Athletic Director
Sloan Scott (‘11), Assistant Athletic Director
Ashley Lipe, Upper School Principal
Anne Nowlin, Director of Enrollment and Advancement
Amy Turman (’93), Director of Alumni Relations
Ronn Rubio (‘65)
Debra Sisson
Kevin Starks (‘93)
Jennifer Webber (‘85)