Harding’s Class of 2021 Experiences NBT

The Class of 2021 takes the Cherry Road campus by storm this past week as they were introduced to the wonderful world of seventh grade! Thanks to a team of seventh grade sponsors, division leaders, administrators, alumni, and student counselors for helping them make awesome memories!

The finale of the Next Big Thing included a trip to Jerry's SnoCones and a family cookout! The Class of 2021 is ready for Harding Cherry Road!

The finale of the Next Big Thing included a trip to Jerry’s SnoCones and a family cookout! The Class of 2021 is ready for Harding Cherry Road!

Campus Minister Seth King leads his group on a tour of the campus!

Campus Minister Seth King leads his group on a tour of the campus!

What did their week at Next Big Thing look like?

Coming to seventh grade at the Cherry Road campus is an exciting transition for both current students as well as students that are new to Harding! NEXT BIG THING is week of activities designed to get you ready for the move. You’ll make some great friends, get your schedule, work with your lockers, have some fantastic sessions with seventh grade teachers and sponsors, meet an author, go to Jerry’s Sno Cones, and end the week with a family cookout! AND SO MUCH MORE!

Pottery with Eddy Efaw

Coming into the upper school at Cherry Road is an exciting step in your spiritual formation. God will bring many new people and experiences into your world for the purpose of transforming you into the person he has always planned for you to be. The pottery section of The Next Big Thing will be one way for you to experience firsthand the creative process in the potter and the clay metaphor from the Bible. God uses this visual example to show us that he wants to transform our lives and make us in to something beautiful. In this course, students will create hand-built pottery pieces that will be fired and ready to take home to paint with acrylics.

Science Lab with Sheronda Holmes

Mission: To build a model of the Earth, look for clues in the model, and use the progress reports to find team members and bring them back safely. Our models will be built using peanut butter, jelly, honey, chocolate chips, graham crackers, and powdered milk. (There will be an alternative to peanut butter for those students with a peanut butter allergy.)

Sway with Amber McRee Turner (’89)

For four long months, ten-year-old Cass has been dreaming of the day her mom, Toodi, will come home. But when Toodi’s welcome back party takes a turn for the disastrous, Cass finds herself stuck alone with her dull-as-dirt dad, who insists that they set off for the summer on a mysterious adventure—just the two of them.

It turns out Cass’s dad has some big-time surprises up his sleeve. Once they hit the road in an old RV named The Roast, he introduces her to the amazing power of “Sway,” a seemingly magical force that can bring inspiration and joy to people in major need of help.

Harding alumna, Amber Turner (‘89) is the author of Sway and the forthcoming Circa Now, both published by Disney- Hyperion.

iPad 101 with Scott Frizell (’07)

Learn the essentials for digital success at the upper school. You will review how to use basic apps such as Notability, Google Drive, Dropbox, Pages, Keynote, and the new learning management system. Additionally, you will learn more technical skills like backing up information to the Cloud, formatting documents and presentations, and troubleshooting issues. Finally, you will explore some of the creative apps available for projects at the upper school.

Plus . . .

  • Daily devotionals lead by upperclassmen and Cherry Road staff
  • Colby Canterbury: Percussion and drumming
  • Janelle Phipps: How to read a novel; Readers Theatre
  • Jane Morgan: Math refresher; K’NEX project (engineering application skills)
  • Coach Justin Banker: Team-building activities
  • Will Rikard (‘08): Poetry Slam
  • Melissa Canterbury & Amy Murphy (‘81): Scavenger Hunt; Navigating locker combinations and class schedules
  • Trip to Jerry’s Sno Cones!
  • Friday evening family cookout
  • Daily snacks provided