Announcing the 2023 Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees

We are thrilled to introduce the 2023 inductees into the Harding Academy Athletics Hall of Fame. We could not be prouder of this incredible group of athletes, coaches, and supporters. Their dedication has made a lasting positive impact on Harding Academy athletics. We are honored to call them Lions.

Join us in honoring our Athletics Hall of Fame inductees during the football game on Friday, September 8. Kick-off is at 7:00 p.m., and we’ll celebrate our inductees at halftime.

2023 Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees


Alex Black ’10
Andrew Bowie ’94
Ki’ana Christy ’12
Randy Crider ‘62
David Escue ‘84
Tim Isbell ‘78
Kaylah Keys ’13
Charles Stanford ‘82
Robby Ware ‘87

Girls Basketball Team

Cindy Smith Cole ‘74
Debbie Martin Duncan ‘74
Teresa Dacus Epps ‘74
June Powell Emerson ’74
Cindy Williford Fowler ‘74
Gay McKinney Fry ‘73
Georgia Adams German ‘74
Adrienne Chambers Howe ‘73
Terry Isbell ‘72
Janice Betts Musick ‘74
Becky Maynard Muska ‘74
Debbie Adams Perkins ‘74
Jeanna Slatton ‘74
Dixie Smith ‘73
Sherri Bowie Spain ‘73
Karen Gray Watson ‘73
Sherrie Newman Williams ‘73
Andrea Whitten Williford ‘74
Coach Nancy Scott Shelley

Boys Cross Country Team

Jay Bankhead ‘82
James Beard ‘80
Terrance Davis ‘79
Phil Godwin ’79
Steve Guymon ‘80
Jeff Hazelip ‘78
Walter Heald ’79
David Hightower ‘79
Derek Huffman ‘79
Tim Isbell ‘78
Don Kirby ‘79
John Lipsey ‘79
Richie Lynn ‘81
Jere Matthews ‘80
Bruce Myers ‘80
Mike Michie ‘80
Zack Randolph ’81
Mark Rosser ‘80
John Slocum ‘78
Glenn Sutton ‘80
Tim Thompson ‘82
Bryan Woods ‘80
Coach Ronn Rubio
Coach Steve Brown


Jerry Escue
Becky Starks


Ronny Copeland
Bill Srygley